VFX Reel




Hsin-Mon Maureen Lu







  • MAYA, 3Dmax, Zbrush, Mudbox

  • UVlayout, Unfold3D
Texturing / Painting

  • Mari, Photoshop, BodyPaint, Mudbox, Substance
    Painter, xNormal, Crazybump, Illustrator
Lighting / Rendering

  • Arnold, Vray, Mental ray, KeyShot

  • Nuke, After Effects, Premiere

  • Unreal, Unity, SpeedTree


Apple Inc. – Sunnyvale, CA
Digital Artist, January 2018 – April 2018

Digital Domain – Los Angeles, CA
Freelance Digital Artist, October 2017 – November 2017
● A Wrinkle in Time
● Shadow 2018

Deluxe VR/Method Studios – Los Angeles, CA
Freelance Texture and Lookdev Artist, November 2016 – September 2017
● Samsung VR Sled – The Night Before
● Battle of Evony – The King’s Return

Mirada Studios – Los Angeles, CA
Freelance CG Lighter, October 2016 – November 2016
● Georgia Power

Framestore – Los Angeles, CA
Freelance CG Generalist, July 2016 – October 2016
● Hyundai Competitive, Volkswagen Golf – Optimize hardsurface models; create UV layouts and deal with surfacing;
paint textures; and work on lookdev and lighting. Analyze fish shader and lookdev, create CG underwater lighting,
which includes caustics and reflection. Set up render passes and render out AOVs for compositors.

The Mill – Chicago, IL
3D Artist, April 2014 – July 2016
● ComEd, McDonald’s Character and Interface Environment textures and look development – Work alongside creative
designers, understanding their idea, and realizing their 2D visions into 3D scenes. Chevy Bolt, GMC Denali – Optimize
high-res scanned models; create UV layouts and procedural shaders; paint textures; and work on lookdev and lighting
for the exterior and interior car models. Babybel, Nexium – Create a CG replica of real products, starting from modeling
and texturing to lighting and rendering. GEICO, America’s Best, Xbox one, Call of duty – Analyze real animals’ and
robot’s texture details, and create a flexible layered textures to quickly implement CG supervisors’ and creative
directors’ creative decisions. LG – Create hard surface models to be used in effects shots, lookdev Jason Statham’s
head, and finalize lighting and rendering to be used in comp. Asset library – Build an asset library of generic model,
texture, shader and lighting assets to be repurposed on other projects, while making sure the integrity of each asset.

Sony Online Entertainment (SOGA Interactive Co., Ltd) – Taiwan
3D Artist, July 2008 – June 2010
● Kung Fu Hustle – Create models, stylized textures and lighting setups for in-game environment. Bake light maps and
setup vertex colors and lighting in proprietary game engine to achieve the same atmospheric look as the concept art.

Miralab (USC student project) – Los Angeles, CA
Freelance 3D Modeler and Texture Artist, 2012-2013
● Create low-poly models and stylized textures for a PC 3D puzzle game in Unity.

Svengali FX – Los Angeles, CA
3D Intern, 2012
● After Earth – Create hard surface models and high-res textures.


Gnomon School of Visual Effects Los Angeles, USA

  • Digital Production for Entertainment, 3D Generalist Track, January 2011 – January 2013

Hsuan Chuang University – Hsinchu City, Taiwan

  • Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design, September 2004 – June 2008




  • Fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese